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Incentive Program

Incentive Program

Build a GYMBEE!  Color a RAINBOW! Create a STORM!

Introducing our new incentive program offered to our students enrolled in any Gymbee, Rainbow, or Storm class.

We, at Gymnastics World, know it takes commitment to a sport to be the best you can be and learn the most. 

By sticking with gymnastics for more than 1,2, 3 or 4 sessions your child can benefit in many ways. Often times new activities are challenging but if your child can stick with it he or she will reap great rewards including better coordination, muscle tone, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, literacy and listening skills and much more! 

We would like to reward you for your commitment to the sport of gymnastics and to Gymnastics World by offering our Build A Gymnast program.

It’s As Easy as 1,2,3,4……

Enroll your child in 4 CONSECUTIVE sessions at Gymnastics World and we will give you $50.00 toward your 5th CONSECUTIVE session! 

At the beginning of your first session you will receive a picture of a BEE, a RAINBOW, or a STORM. Collect stickers given after after each 9 week session. Put the stickers on your paper and have your child color it. When you have all 4 stickers bring you picture to the desk and we will take $50.00 off your *next consecutive session!

PRIOR to registering for your 5th consecutive session, please visit our front desk to verify your reward (bring your coloring sheet with stickers with you). We cannot refund the $50.00 if you register and pay online so it’s important you visit our desk to pay and verify your reward.

*Next consecutive session is defined as the session immediately following the 4th session completed.

**Program begins Fall 2016!

***Redemption during Summer Flexi-Schedule Sessions requires signing up for at least 6 weeks of classes.

****Redemption is per child, not per family

*****Only one $50 redemption per child regardless of number classes taking in a session

******Excludes Babies class



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